Rob’s walkers are designed and produced by Robert Anaka.

He created a walker that would return the freedom so desperately needed to pursue hobbies and enjoy life – not just for himself himself  but for others who face mobility challenges.

Rob did such a great  job thinking through the design and development of his walker, he found other people asking for one like his wherever he went.

So he started building more. The first batch of brand new walkers will be arriving by the end of September.

About Rob Anaka

His Challenge.

Although Robert Anaka had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) some years before, the crippling effects of its progression struck without warning one morning when he fell out of bed. He had suddenly lost control of his legs. A visit to his doctor confirmed his worst fears; he would never walk any distance unaided again.

Rob was an avid outdoors enthusiast. The news was a devastating blow not only to his every day activities but also for his love of nature photography. His way of life was changed forever.

As a part of his rehabilitation, he was advised by his Psychiatrist not to give up his passion for photography, but to focus on capturing the beauty of the back country of Alberta.

Robert discovered a major impediment to this good advice. He could only walk with the aid of a walker and while most of the available walkers are fine on sidewalks and parking lots, they are completely useless over rough terrain. Rob wanted to be able to get off the beaten track and get back into bush that he loved, the mountains, the lakes and the creek beds.

His Determination.

Being the man that he is, Robert couldn’t and wouldn’t accept these limitations. While his body may have imposed serious physical limitations, his imagination still wandered free. He decided to find a way to once again walk on the beach and in the woods.

His Work.

Rob bought and studied many walkers, took the best attributes of each, then designed and built a walker that would give him the freedom to roam over rugged terrain, first in Alberta’s back country, then on the wild coasts of Vancouver Island.

He succeeded in building a light, sturdy and versatile walker that can easily traverse some of the most rugged terrain in BC. It quickly packs down to a size that will fit in any car. And they look great.

To enjoy the freedom these walkers provide, contact us to try one out.


Phone Number: 403-200-3274               Email Address:  ra883r@shaw.ca